About me...

My name is Eric Migom.
I was born on the 29th of April 1954 in Ghent.
I live in the beautiful area of Brabant Wallon,
near Tubize (Belgium) where I give painting and drawing lessons in my workshop.

What to do with my life?

The decision to walk the way to creation came rather late, I was passed thirty before I decided to start my formation as a painter. Studies that I finished at the Academy of graphics and art in Anderlecht, under the direction of Frans Minnaert.

A short time after, I left my job and started as an independent painter, which I stayed for about 4 years. It was a risky decision but I learned a lot, was completely brook financially. I took a new job to find a solution for this money problem and worked afterwards in my atelier. Difficult to place the type of painting I make, maybe I come the closest when I say that the work is first of all personal, where the human aspect, and his quest as a spiritual person are different levels in the work showed without shocking. Really important for me is a healthy way of exchange and communication.

What d'you think ?